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Zhifei Li

Founder and CEO Mobvoi

Mobvoi, led by CEO Zhifei Li, is the only AI company in the Chinese marketplace with standalone AI interactive technology. Mobvoi’s technological framework integrates many functionalities into one device, including voice interaction, intelligent notifications, gesture technology, visual displays, and Android SLAM technology, providing a comprehensive multi-faceted AI interactive experience. Mobvoi, while on path to product creation, has come a long way since its beginnings, starting from the launch of its public WeChat account, the Chumenwenwen app, and the Kaidongwenwen app, to its creation of the very first Mandarin Chinese supported smartwatch. The first generation Ticwatch, simple and round in design, was launched in 2015. The Ticwatch 2 soon followed in June 2016, with new hardware and software products, including TicPay, a wearable mobile payment system, and TicMirror, a car rearview mirror with voice control, TicEye. Through applying its AI algorithm to its own self-developed software system, integrating both hardware and software, Mobvoi has built a comprehensive and diverse industrial chain. Mobvoi has also reached a strategic partnership with Google. In their partnership, Mobvoi provides Android Wear’s core Chinese voice search technology. The Mobvoi App Store is now also Android Wear’s official partner within the Smartwatch ecosystem. Thanks to their advanced artificial intelligence technology and formidable technological innovation, Mobvoi, in October of 2015, received a Series-C investment from Google, accumulating $75 million USD in total funding.

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