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Wei Huang

Founder & CEO Unisound

Huang Wei: Ph.D. of University of Science and Technology of China, Post-doctor of College of Life Science and Technology, Shanghai Jiaotong University. He joined Motorola  Research Center in China as a senior researcher after graduation, and developed the first mobile voice-print verification system in the world. Then he founded the Phonetics Institute as one of the top executives of Shanda Innovation Institute. In 2013, He joined Unisound as Chief Executive Officer and since then, has been responsible for company strategic development and operational plans. Unisound has made achievements in medical, management information system, natural science, voice recognition and games since he participated the research projects. During 2010 and 2012, Mr. Huang had won the champion of NIST SRE in succession, and he is the only Chinese among the keynote speakers of NIST Evaluation for two years continuously. Hehas been awarded the top ten leading figure of science and technology entrepreneurs in Shanghai.

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